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Inspired by classic Sesame Street bits (like the one with the cats), Cody Ground used stop motion animation to create a video that documents this story of love and metamorphosis.

About Spring Bees

Spring Bees was born when Texpatriate indie rocker Monte Holman teamed up with members of Old Crow Medicine Show, Royal Forest, Jenny and the Corn Ponies and many others to record songs about feeling unconditional love, dealing with loneliness, and caring for pets responsibly (read: picking up their poo when you have to).

Cody Ground made the “Used to Be” video.

Album and website artwork from Rijksmuseum.


"Used to Be" premiers at Zooglobble

“There’s a strong feeling of love suffusing the entire album…[Spring Bees] definitely will give you warm and fuzzy (and fuzzed out) indie rock feelings, but not in a too-cool-for-school way.”

—Stefan Shephard

"Used to Be"

on Jeff Bogle’s Out With The Kids April 2017 podcast

“I’m a music snob and yet here I swoon, again, over another children’s song. Listen to this, notice the dense fuzzed-out backbeat, hear the perfect verse about the teddy bear and the one about the worker bee (oh man that lyric is SO good!), and fall in love.”

—Jeff Bogle

"Used to Be" & radio premiers of "Big Girl Seat" & "Poopy Dogs"

on Radio Active Kids

“I love this next song—it makes me laugh. Turn it up! Possibly the best song about dog poop that has ever been written!”

—Sagan, host of Radio Active Kids, on “Poopy Dogs”

Spring Bees album review

“The songs of SPRING BEES – like everything else – start at the beginning. ‘Used to Be’ asks the universal question, ‘Have we met before?’ as in ‘Were we destined to be parent and child?'”

—Jeff Cohen

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